Four Common Lawn Care Mistakes

1. OVER WATERING - Applying too much water contributes to poor rooting and thatch build up. This could potentially lead to problems and diseases down the road.

2. UNDER WATERING - Your grass is composed of 90% water. Any change in that percentage rapidly puts your lawn under stress. With the heat and this drought, please call us with any watering questions you may have. We will help answer any questions!

3. IMPROPER MOWING HEIGHT - Did you know that raising the mowing height can improve the over all health of your lawn? Well it can! This simple step will increase density, reduce weed seed germination and improve the health of your root system. A good mowing height for Northeast Ohio is 3 1/4”- 3 1/2”.

4. INCONSISTANT SEEDING - Leaf blades and grass parts are consistently dying, which will thin your lawn over time. In order to maintain a full healthy lawn, over seeding and seeding of bare spots should be part of your regular annual maintenance routine.

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