Use our new concrete pavers to create your outdoor space this summer

Picture this:

It's mid-July. Your day was spent with your family outside, eating hamburgers and hotdogs that you cooked on your grill which was firmly planted and secured to your patio. Although the sun has tucked in for the night, the air is warm and a cool breeze makes the evening cozy. You walk down to your patio to relax with your family around your fire-pit, marshmallows and sticks equipped to make melty, sweet s'mores. The fire flickers above the bricks of your fire pit, pushing warm air towards you as you watch fire-flies light up the rest of your lawn. Your knees feel the warmth of the fire and you tuck them up onto the stone benches to cool them down. Wrapped in a light blanket, it's the perfect way to close a perfect day.

That idea doesn’t sound too bad, does it? July seems pretty far away but if you want to enjoy some grilled hot dogs, steaks, some marinated chicken, or anything else you love cooking in the open air then getting your patio squared away in spring is the best way to do it.

Lucky for you, we just got new concrete pavers from Unilock! Concrete pavers allow us to customize our patios to fit any space to complement your home and landscape. Unilock pavers are colored throughout every layer, so if you chose to expand or update your patio in a few years from now, we will still be able to match the original patio without any issue. Our concrete pavers come in a wide range of colors to create the perfect patio to complement your unique home, adding a little “pizazz.” Even if you already own a patio that suits your home, we can update it with a simple boarder or by adding a contrasting soldier course.

We all know that patios do not stop at the ground level. Adding proper seating and entertainment is truly what makes a patio change from a simple landscape decoration to an outdoor room ready to host all of your friends and family. Creating that perfectly customized fire pit is only the start of what we can do to bring your patio to life. We create beautiful outdoor kitchens with stationary grills to match your patio and home,. We encourage you to get creative with your outdoor kitchen! Customize it to fit your needs, we can even build a classic outdoor pizza oven, opening doors to the countless dinners you can whip up!

After the day has ended and you’re ready to cozy up to a fire in your fire pit, you won’t have to reach far to feed it because we can make firewood boxes readily available in a safe, but close distance from your fire. Naturally, your fire pit area will perfectly complement your outdoor kitchen, and most importantly your home.

Let’s not pretend that we all don’t have those nights when staying inside seems coziest, so having your lawn safely lit will give you security in being able to see what is happening outside as it showcases your beautiful lawn.

Feel free to contact us today to see how we can start turning your outdoor patio into another room of your home.

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