Four Fall Foliage Tips

Here are some simple steps to follow when choosing your fall foliage:

1. One way to enliven your lawn is to incorporate depth and mystery by installing large shrubs and small trees to block views. A Golden Japanese maple would be a nice touch.

2. Include structure in your design with an arbor or pergola. You deserve a place where you can enjoy your landscape. A stone fireplace would be the perfect touch for the chill, fall nights.

3. A very multi-season plant to enjoy all year round would be a pagoda dogwood. It provides beautiful white flowers in the spring, clusters of blue berries in the summer, and brings out wonderful fall colors.

4. A nice touch to appeal to your other senses would be to add water. Help filter out the street noise and make yourself feel more secluded. A man made pond or even an in ground pool would do the trick.

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