Landscape Foreman

Position Overview:

Landscape Foreman are responsible for directing the landscape crew in the installation and management of all landscape tasks while performing at the highest quality. This position may require the employee to perform all, but not limited to the tasks listed below. The foreman will provide quality service that meets or exceeds our customers and management’s expectations. The foreman will show attention to detail and effectively communicate with peers and his/her superior. All foremen must possess a friendly, customer service attitude and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Daily/Weekly Tasks:

Daily and weekly management of the crew and job preparation.

  • Ability to train, manage, and inform crew members on all aspects of landscape tasks, including company software, involved in daily and weekly tasks.
  • Meet with operations manager daily to receive and discuss work orders.
  • Communicate with sales regarding any changes or additions to work order before and after job is complete.
  • Complete all necessary tasks in preparation for next day.
  • Track progress of crew members and new hires for training and evaluations
  • All other duties assigned by management as needed.

Perform landscape installation and maintenance tasks on customers property.

  • Perform all landscape tasks, including but not limited to mulching, pruning, edging, raking, digging, grading, planting, trimming, seeding per company guidelines.
  • Manage crew to hit profitability mark on each property.
  • Ability to track progress, issues, and specifications on each property to meet profitability mark using company software.
  • Ability to implement and train crew members on equipment based on foreman’s discretion.

Daily/weekly truck and equipment management.

  • Hook up, pull and back up trailers.
  • Direct crew member to assist in the washing, fueling, organizing and preparation of all equipment.
  • Manage all tools and equipment assigned to your crew on and off the jobsite.


  • Superior knowledge of time management
  • Must have a thorough understanding and performance of landscape tasks, and supervision of crew members, equipment.
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Possess and maintains a valid U.S driver’s license, if in a driving position.
  • Ability to lift 50lbs or more on a daily basis.
  • Winter snow work is mandatory 24/7 on call duties will include but not limited to shoveling, plowing and salting by hand or with equipment.

Education & Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED. Some experience or certification in lawn or landscape related field is helpful.
  • Foreman or supervisor role previously in regards to landscape installation.

Work Environment:

This position requires physical abilities such as strength, manual dexterity and must be able to perform all required functions of this position. While performing the duties of this job, the foreman is regularly required to stand, walk, bend, lift, crouch, reach, stoop, crawl or kneel. The position is regularly exposed to outdoor environmental conditions including rain and extreme hot or cold conditions. Additional working conditions may include inadequate lighting, restricted movement, and dirty/wet worksites.

This position may be required to work on weekends and holidays. Due to the seasonal nature of work, some peak load situations may arise.

NOTE: Eberhardt Landscaping is an at will employer. If the job responsibilities listed above are not met after performance evaluations, adequate counseling, coaching, and training, employees are subject to disciplinary action, role changes, or termination based on this job description.

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