Bill Eberhardt

Bill founded Eberhardt Landscaping Inc. in 1987. He used two push mowers and a van to take care of his clients' lawns back when he was fresh out of high school. Now, Bill employs over 30 full time professionals to perform a broad range of outdoor projects, from weekly lawn maintenance to complex landscape projects. If there is ever an issue with our services that cannot be handled by any of the other office staff, call and ask to speak with Bill, and he will make sure everything is taken care of properly. 

President & Founder

Chris Inks

Chris is our General Manager. He manages many aspects of the company from day to day operations, finalizing sales, to approving marketing designs. In addition to his managerial tasks, he is our point of contact for our snow removal services. If you have any questions regarding snow removal, feel free to get in touch with Chris! 

Sales Manager

Georgia Creighton

Georgia has been with the company since 2014. She started as crew member, was promoted to forewoman, and is now our Account Specialist. She manages accounts, provides estimates, and creates beautiful landscape designs. She is extremely knowledgeable in plant materials and will assist you in bringing your landscape visions to life!

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Account Specialist

Mike Thutt

Mike is our Human Resources Coordinator. He joined the team in July of 2018. Mike handles all the needs of our employees. He focuses on recruiting and hiring our employees. He also assists with training to ensure our employees are ready to take on their new job. If you are interested in joining our team, call the office at 330.75.8480 and ask for Mike!

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Denise Johnston

Denise manages all of the finances within Eberhardt Landscaping Inc. For the last seven years, Denise has worked hard to create accurate invoices for all of our clients and contractors. When a service is performed by our company or a company we subcontract to work on your property, Denise organizes all of the billing to ensure everyone gets the right bill at the right time. If you have any questions about your invoice or would like to make a payment, contact Denise so she can get things filled out perfectly for you.

Finance & Accounting Manager

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